Powerful document manipulation REST APIs that can be accessed from everywhere. Any language or platform that is capable of calling REST APIs can use it. SDKs are also available for selected platforms.

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Product families include:


GroupDocs.Total Product Family

Manipulate documents within your desktop solutions, mobile apps and websites without requiring any other commercial application through GroupDocs cross platform APIs. Includes all of our individual products.



GroupDocs.Viewer Product Family

Online Document Viewer REST API for Your Apps & Websites.



GroupDocs.Annotation Product Family

RESTful API that allows you to add cross-platform compatible, multi-format document & image annotation functionality to your web-based app or website



GroupDocs.Conversion Product Family

GroupDocs.Conversion Cloud is a RESTful API for fast on-the-fly or in batch conversion between over 50 common document and image types in your own application or workflow



Groupdocs.Comparison Product Family

RESTful API for comparing different versions of a document and visualizing found differences with a Change Tracking view, all from within your web app or site.


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GroupDocs.Signature Product Family

RESTful API that allows developers on different platforms to easily add electronic signature functionality to any web-based application or site.



GroupDocs.Metadata Product Family

Perform metadata manipulation operations on documents, images and other popular file formats using cURL commands or independent SDKs for .NET and Java platforms.



GroupDocs.Parser Product Family

Parse documents to extract text, images, and document metadata using Cloud SDKs for .NET & Java or communicate with REST API using cURL.



GroupDocs.Merger Product Family

Split or merge documents using Cloud SDKs for .NET & Java or simply use cURL commands to communicate with the REST API.



GroupDocs.Classification Product Family

Perform various classification-related operations on text & documents as per IAB-2, Documents & Sentiment taxonomy. Use cURL commands or Cloud SDKs for REST APIs.



GroupDocs.Translation Product Family

Enable your applications to perform text and document translation between popular business languages on any platform using GroupDocs.Translation REST APIs & SDKs.